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Renaissance Villa in Florence - Destination Weddings in Florence

Renaissance Villa near Florence. Its enormous estate covers an area of nearly 300 hectares and is located on the beautiful green hills overlooking Florence. The property includes a villa which is the ideal place for the celebration of weddings and receptions and a Farmhouse with accommodations and where organic olive oil is also produced. In the gardens of the Farmhouse there is a lovely swimming pool that has an amazing panoramic view over Tuscany hills and where guests can relax and enjoy their stay.

Wedding banquets
The panoramic position is quite incredible and an outdoor reception or aperitif buffet will allow your guests to revel in their surroundings and the view of the glorious hills and countryside of Tuscany. At night the scenario turns magical as torches and candles light up the pathways and interiors creating a romantic atmosphere.

Italian cuisine with touches of Tuscan tradition. Excellent service. Customized menus to spouses specifications.

Wedding Ceremonies
The villa's chapel is quite charming and can hold very small groups of approximately 20 guests. Just down the lane there is another very fine Catholic church that will hold larger numbers. An English speaking priest is available. Civil ceremonies can be performed in the Sala Rossa of Florence or the town hall of Fiesole. The Villa's terrace and gardens would be an incredible setting for a Symbolic or Protestant ceremony.

The Farmhouse has 12 apartments with all comforts for a relaxing stay. They are located in the estate, just a few steps from the Villa. The whole estate can accommodate up to 60 people. There is a lovely pool and a restaurant available for guests. Trekking and bike paths, internet access are available too.

All year round.

Venues in Florence

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16th Century Villa

Renaissance Castle

Luxury Villa

Renaissance Villa

Wonderful Garden

Trendy Loft

Historic Residence

Sumptuous Villa

Monumental Palace

Ceremonies in Florence

Catholic Ceremony

Civil Ceremony

Protestant Ceremony

Jewish Ceremony

Symbolic Ceremony

Vows Renewal


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