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Civil Ceremony
Civil weddings in Florence are held at Palazzo Vecchio, a marvellous Medieval Castle located in the famous Piazza della Signoria. The Palace used to belong to the Medici Family and the wedding hall is decorated in sumptuous Renaissance style with rich silk brocades, gilded mirrors and fine paintings.

Catholic Ceremony
Florence offers a wide selection of striking churches where to organize a romantic ceremony and gives the opportunity to plan a wedding reception in ancient palaces, villas or castles. Advanced planning is required to marry in a Catholic church in Florence. We encourage you to plan at least six months in advance in order to adhere to the strict requirements so that all paperwork may be completed.

Protestant Ceremony
Florence is one of the best destinations for a protestant wedding in Italy. Your Protestant blessing in Florence could be arranged in a beautiful Gothic church. If you wish to marry outdoors, Florence has a selection of wonderful villas with gardens for a garden ceremony.

Jewish Ceremony
One of the most impressive Synagogues of Europe can be found in the historical heart of Florence, a city full of art and history.Inside are spectacular mosaics, wonderful stained glass, intricately inlaid marble floors and beautiful wood carvings.

Symbolic Ceremony
Blessing and Symbolic ceremonies are popular in Florence. These Italian wedding ceremonies typically occur after a couple has already had a civil wedding elsewhere and can include many traditions and practices. There are no limits to the possible locations.

Vows Renewal Ceremony
A Vow Renewal in Florence is designed to celebrate your marriage, anniversary and union. It is intended for those who have already been married, and allows the couple to renew their promise to each other.

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